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i’mĀ having a bit of a trying time attempting to learn wordpress. iĀ cut my teeth on blogger. iĀ still have blogger blogs. iĀ like that iĀ can change the font, the background, everything and anything iĀ want to change on that site. perhaps i’mĀ just not looking hard enough, but it seems to me that there aren’t that many options for customizing with wordpress. for example: iĀ don’t like that my header is white and can’t be seen very well from the chaos that is the theme i’ve chosen. “choose another theme”, you say. yeah, well, this is the only theme that doesn’t seem to scream “corporate, modern and ultra urban”. ethnographi is more organic, utilizing salvaged and natural materials blended with found and fabricated objects. an ultraĀ modern, sleek look or a cutesy-cute theme won’t cut it. i’mĀ not going to give up. just venting. iĀ told myself iĀ would prevail over this new blog platform. i’mĀ still playing around with my other ethnographi blog. we’ll see which one wins out. ciao!



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You stumbled in here? Excellent. Have a seat and a cup of tea. I’ll be around shortly.